The contrasting images on this page demonstrate the effects of our HEALTHY LAWN treatment plan.

These clients subscribe to our suggested plan, and you can clearly see the difference in the results. We do not require clients to subscribe to this service, but for best results we strongly recommend it. Each treatment is designed to perform a unique function in regards to weed control and fertilization of your lawn.  Applying just one or two of these treatments prevents your lawn from being as vibrant as it could be.

We are licensed by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to apply herbicide chemicals to residential and commercial properties in order to remove weeds, unwanted species of grass and to improve the overall health and appearance of your lawn.  If you would like your lawn to look its best we encourage you to consider our annual HEALTHY LAWN program which consists of five applications. 

This granular application is very important in order to be proactive in reducing and removing weeds and other undesirable growth in your lawn. During the hot summer months crabgrass will quickly grow and spread throughout lawns while healthy grass struggles and is often choked out. This application is proactive and protects and helps prevent problems later in the season. It also gives your lawn a fertilizer boost for the spring.
This liquid spray application is designed to kill more than 250 common weeds in Central Kentucky including but not limited to clover, chick weed, and dandelions. All weeds react to this application differently. Some will begin to curl and die within 24 hours while others may take up to 72 hours. We recommend allowing 24 hours before mowing after the herbicide is applied for best results.
This application is the same as the April/May Broadleaf control however we only spray select areas of your lawn that have weeds.
During the long, hot summer months, your lawn needs all the help it can get! This is a granular application that will increase the green color of your lawn while increasing and thickening the turf to be drought resistant.
Some customers will experience a problem with moles boring tunnels in their lawn. If you have this problem you will notice crooked lines 3-6 inches wide in your lawn consisting of yellowing or browning dead grass. Moles are searching for grubs and easily destroy a healthy lawn by tunneling through the lawn, destroying the roots of the grass. These tunnels can also pose a hazard walking in the lawn because they allow you to unexpectedly step into a tunnel, risking a fall or other injury. We recommend applying a granular product to kill the grubs during the larva stage in June. It is possible to apply this product during other times of the year BUT it is NOT as effective or a good value to our customers therefore we do not recommend it.
This granular application increases the strength and health of the roots of your lawn while preparing the lawn for the winter months. Customers who elect to have this application will notice greener grass in the fall and thicker healthier blades.